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Today I am publishing the first chapter from my new book online.The book itself will be out in mid June. I hope everyone will take the oppurtunity to give it a read and let me know what you think. The books title is, "Where the Jackals feast" and it will focus on my personal journey from Satanism to Christianity.  For more info email me at:

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Copyright 2011 by threenailzz publishing

reproduced by permission of the author


Chapter 1: The truth about witchcraft


     Is witchcraft real? Do people really claim to be witches? Can demons really manifest and give people supernatural powers? The answer to all of these questions is simply “yes”, to a certain degree.


     Witchcraft is real and practiced by millions of pagans around the world. The craft today is certainly not how it was a few hundred years ago. Practicing wiccans will of course debate that the craft is much older than that but it is almost impossible to validate an exact age for witchcraft as we know it today. You see, witchcraft has undergone a facelift, so to speak. Gerald Gardener (June 13, 1884 - February 12, 1964) is the father of modern witchcraft as it exists right now. He is a published author and was considered to be one of the foremost authorities on modern witchcraft.  In 1952 he began the work of reintroducing the craft to a new generation of followers. His first objective was to remove any mention of Satan or the devil from the craft. In Gardener’s version of witchcraft Satan does not exist. His goal was to connect modern witchcraft with nature in an attempt to make it solely an earthbound religion with ties to natural elements instead of the Devil. Hundreds of manuscripts clearly contradict this and point out that witches are in league with the devil, but modern witches deny these claims and are quick to point out that any manuscripts that point to a belief in Satan are simply fairytales conjured up by oppressive members of Christianity trying to paint a sinister image of what they believe the craft to be. One example of this is a book titled the witches manual by Ly Deangles. One quote from this witches handbook states very clearly, “A witch’s god is Satan, the prince of darkness.”  This is only one example out of hundreds that point to the biblical Satan as the source of a witch’s power.  It should only take a minimal amount of effort and research from concerned parents to reveal that the majority of claims about the connection between Satan and witches are accurate and true.


     The sinister history of the craft has been painted over to give it a shiny new look. White witchcraft is a term that is used to describe a form of witchcraft that is used only for the good of mankind. White Witches profess no belief in the devil and would certainly deny being in league with him. To understand witchcraft today and the effect it is having on youth culture you need only take a visit to a local bookstore where you will find a huge selection of literature on the subject. No more secret pacts with the prince of darkness. Today’s witches are earth worshippers and followers of the Goddess Diana. You see, Satan’s main concern is not with luring the young to directly worship him. Instead, he chooses to lure them away from God by any means he can. Witchcraft, by far, has become one of the most effective ways to get young teens to turn their backs on God. The craft in its modern form is a Hollywood blockbuster with all the trimmings. You won’t find anything sinister in the thousands of books that are available worldwide. Yes, I did say thousands! Experimenting with witchcraft has become a cultural rite of passage for many teens and it doesn’t stop there. The craft has become, in the U.S., at least, the most popular alternative religion to Christianity. And if that doesn’t sound bad enough, its influence has extended into popular mainstream media as well. Witchcraft concepts and ideas are passed off every day as just another alternative means of expression. The craft shows up in movies, music videos, video games and popular clothing lines. I have watched over the last 15 years an explosion in popularity for what was once thought to be an arcane practice. Witchcraft is hip, relevant, and highly marketable on a global scale. It may sound hard to believe but many of the companies that produce mainstream products like clothing, artwork, jewelry and toys have high ranking witches working for them. So why would large companies with million dollar product lines hire practicing occultists to work for them? It’s simple. Occult symbols have power to influence consumers into buying products they may not have normally purchased. Perhaps some of you reading this will find it hard to believe but the occult has found its self a profitable home in retail shops around the world. In 2009 I was shopping for some shirts to wear during a mission trip I was taking to Red Lake, Minnesota. I searched for hours to find a suitable shirt mainly because 90 percent of the shirts I found had occult related themes and symbols printed on them. I was amazed to see how accelerated the occult genre of clothing had come in just the few short years since I left the practice myself. Satan has positioned himself to be a factor in almost all facets of our daily lives. The use of occult themes as fashion accessories seems to be increasing in popularity with young teens worldwide. I am always amazed at how many occult symbols I see on a daily basis by simply walking around the city where I live. Along with those highly profitable clothing lines comes jewelry and room furnishings all stuffed full of occult imagery. It should not be surprising to any Christian parent if they took a simple look around their house, and did a little online research, at the number of occult related items they would find throughout their house.


 It is a simple occult principle that is being played out there:  allow Christians to use their free will to give demons authority to operate in their lives and homes. It happens every day and most Christians are completely unaware of the high level of danger that these simple items carry with them. Claiming you are unaware of these principles will not protect you from the harmful affect they may have on your family’s spiritual well-being. When an occult related item ends up in your house, the demon that operates through that Item becomes an unwanted guest. I often refer to demons that are attached to items with occult themes as “demons of occult operation.” These are exactly the same spiritual beings that also operate through spell casting and other magical practices. If that’s not bad enough then think about this. A demon that is willfully allowed in your house basically has the run of the place. They are free to manipulate and influence everyone who lives in the house, not just the person who authorized them to be there. Carefully consider this the next time an occult themed movie is viewed in your home. If we, as adult parents, are willing to allow these demons of occult operation to coexist with our children then it should come as no surprise that our children will in turn do the same. We are passing on a generational curse that will have severe consequences for the future of our children and grandchildren. Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and suicide attempts are just some of the consequences that these demons bring with them. As members of the body of Christ it is our duty to expose the works of the devil and take a stand against his schemes. We cannot afford to stand idly by and watch our children suffer because we’re unwilling to confront them with the truth. Witchcraft is Satanism repackaged and it has no place in a born again Christian home.







Chapter 1: The truth about witchcraft