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"With God all things are possible."



If you have been touched by the testimony in this story, it may be enough for you to turn your heart to Jesus today. If you want to be saved right away, just ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior, ask Him to forgive  all sins you have committed in your life, and accept complete forgiveness of your sins through Christ’s offering himself for you on the cross. Then, get together with some believers at a church, read the new testament (the book of John is a good place to start), and enjoy being saved and the new changes you will find in your life. Find a good pastor who can provide you with some guidance.

If you did not accept salvation now, ask God to show you the truth about His son Jesus. It is Gods good pleasure to reveal Himself to us. That is why Jesus paid the price for our sins, so you could have unbroken fellowship through His blood atonement. Visit a bible believing church and spend some time reading the gospel according to St.John. If you seek the truth, as I did, I know that God will reveal Himself to you. Jesus said “Seek and you shall find.” May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ guide you and bless you this day and every day. May you receive great love and wisdom through the Holy Spirit of God. Thank you for sharing in my testimony.


P.S. Darrin Gurganious is now a minister of the gospel and speaks publicly on the gateways of the occult as well as the road to deliverance. He can be contacted via

Phone at (252)723-1370