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Occult influence and your children

By Darrin K Gurganious



The occult culture has become more and more acceptable in our world today. This is due to the huge impact that modern media

has had on the movement. No doubt the success of movies like

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia have done much to generate great interest in occult practices. Fantasy films featuring wizards, witches and demons have made billions of dollars at the box office. It would seem that many of the pagan practices forbidden by the Bible have become completely acceptable by today’s standards. Anton Lavey, who passed away in the late 90’s, was the founder of the satanic church. He stated before his death that ,"fantasy was the easiest way to initiate someone into the occult." The motion picture industry has grasped that philosophy and taken it to the next level. Video stores are over run with both high and low budget films that promote interest in the occult. There are literally hundreds of films produced every year now that deal exclusively with fantasy and magic. I could write enough material about Hollywoods new age agenda to fill several bookcases. Yes, the occult has truly found a friend in Hollywood. The movie industry has marketed occult doctrines as entertainment and fantasy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The poison that is poured out through mainstream media has truly become the gateway of indoctrination for many young people. And do not think that digital media is the only source Satan is using in the mind control war, because I also want to alert you to the hidden dangers that lurk in our public libraries and major booksellers across America. One of the first books I ever read on the occult was obtained from the public library. It was on the subject of demonology and It was hand delivered to me by a books on wheels program. That’s right; taxpayers funded my journey into the world of Satanism. I was 13 years old when I requested that book and no one even blinked an eye. The material it contained was as graphic and lewd as any “R” rated movie and yet I was able to obtain it with no questions asked.

By the time I was completely immersed in the world of the occult, Most bookstores and public libraries already had small sections dedicated to the subject. Today any visit to a local bookstore or library will reveal a huge influx of

material dedicated to the subjects of witchcraft, sorcery and ceremonial magic. The majority of this material seems to be aimed at teenagers who are seeking answers to some of life’s tougher questions. I spent years recruiting people into the occult and there are specific measures that are always employed to draw the minds of young people into occult practices. One of the biggest draws to the modern pagan movement in our country is universal acceptance. The occult will take you as you are without prejudging you based on religious views, sexual orientation or appearance.

This come one, come all mentality is very attractive to teenagers who often feel like outsiders to begin with. Then of course there is the promise of great power and the revelation of universal secrets that can transform ordinary lives into unlimited potential. Young people often feel as if they have no control over their own lives so they naturally gravitate toward anything that promises to give them some level of personal empowerment. The final element I believe that gives the occult its shiny lore is the act of rebellion against a social system that teenagers perceive as oppressive and narrow minded. One of Satan’s greatest deceptions is that a one god for all system is small minded and ignorant.

The combination of all these elements creates a powerful recruiting tool that Satan uses again and again to draw young people away from the will of God for their lives. Modern culture has done so much to project a negative image upon Christianity that most young people never get beyond the doors of a church to find out what it is truly all about. If you couple all this with the media’s perspective of the world and the way things are supposed to be you begin to understand the struggles the average teenager has in daily life.

They see a world that promotes a live by your own standard mentality and of course this looks better on the surface than being held accountable to a higher spiritual being in the universe. The occult offers an escape from the chains of social responsibility. It also lures its participants away from the mundane routines that often accompany everyday life. Most young people never realize that the escape comes with a very heavy price. Satan seeks to isolate people from all positive influence and structure in life. This is the main reason that most occult organizations practice in secret as opposed to open invitation as the Christian church does. You wont find many pagan temples if any in plain open view. This also adds to the lure of occult culture, as it indicates a certain mysterious nature as to what truly goes on within the internal workings of an actual cult. Once Satan isolates a young person within the confines of an occult organization it becomes much easier to manipulate the way the person views himself or herself in relationship to the rest of society. Satan creates a false sense of elitism within the individual and this begins to grow into an almost alter ego of who the person used to be. This is one of the main reasons why members of pagan groups change their name while practicing ceremonial magic. They are creating an escape mechanism from their own day to day life. The more a person is drawn away from reality the easier it is to convince them to stray farther away from God and who he created them to be.

One of the first things that usually change when someone becomes involved in the occult is their appearance. This follows in line with the whole setting yourself apart from the masses mentality. After years of involvement in the occult I became a mere shadow of my former self. Ego became my god and I promoted myself as a spiritual teacher with the light of universal truth. Nothing could have been further from the truth. When a person freely gives themself over to the will of Satan he can convince them of almost anything. Modern occultism is a programming tool that completely reshapes the way you think, act and dress. Most parents would be shocked to find out how many of the modern clothing lines in this country use occult symbolism in their logos. It has become so mainstream that it is virtually ignored. There are commercial retail stores in almost every mall in America that primarily market occult oriented merchandise. Stores like Hot topix and Spencer gifts have made billions of dollars by catering to the modern pagan movement. And do not think the merchandise in these store is only purchased by young people who are already in the occult because I see young people everyday in the city where I live wearing all kinds of occult symbols on their clothing. Many of these same teenagers attend local churches in the area. This is another principle of the new age movement called “hidden in plain sight.”

Many of you may wonder what the real danger in wearing clothing with occult symbols may be? The truth may come as a shock to some of you but I feel obligated to help you understand it fully. Many of the clothing designers who work in the industry are either directly or indirectly involved in the occult. These symbols they use have power and they know this. It is not a mistake when a satanic pentagram ends up on a shirt.  Just like I used to recruit people into the occult, these designers are using the influence of satanic forces to indoctrinate the next generation of followers. Many people would never think of wearing satanic jewelry or occult symbols on their clothing, but they see no harm in purchasing the mass produced articles of clothing that carry the same symbolism from nationally recognized designers and brand names. Satan always finds a back door into your house if you let him. So what can parents do to protect their children? First, be involved in your child’s life. Take time to understand and read some of the same things they read. Also it is important to pay attention to changes in their personality as well as the way they dress. Keep a close eye on the movies they watch to see if there is subversive messages hidden within. Spend some time researching videogames your kids are playing. Many games openly promote the occult through the use of symbols and storyline. This can be a direct gateway into occult activity. If you do just a little research online you can head off many trouble areas before they begin. Most importantly, let your kids know you love them and want the best for them in life. Pray daily for Gods protection and provision in their lives. Never isolate your children by making them feel that you do not approve of them. Let them know that you disagree with some of their decisions, but you still love them regardless. Your children will appreciate your investment in their lives regardless if they show it or not. I truly felt that no one really cared about me and the struggles I was enduring in everyday life. Let your actions speak about how much you truly care about your children.   Also take time to talk with your children about their interests. If you don’t understand some activity they are involved in you should take the time to research it yourself and make sure that it is not occult related.